Frank Shayan’s Profile

Attorney Frank Shayan graduated from New York Law School in 1999.  He moved to Miami, Florida in 2002 and was admitted to the Florida Bar in the summer of 2003.

Even though his previous experience was in Bankruptcy in New York and he had focused on Real Estate Law in Law School, he became fascinated with Criminal Law and with fighting in Criminal Trials for clients involved in the Criminal Justice System.  He was lucky enough to be accepted by the Palm Beach County Public Defender’s office as an Assistant Public Defender in 2003.

He then spent 5 years in that office, handling multiple thousands of cases, in all Criminal Courts, Juvenile Courts, Domestic Battery Courts, County Courts and Felony Courts.  Mr. Shayan successfully handled many Criminal Jury Trials as well as Bench Trials involving a wide variety of Criminal charges.

Your Dedicated Family Law & Criminal Defense Attorney

Mr. Shayan handles all matters of Family Law, Collaborative Divorce and Criminal Defense. He strives to provide his clients with effective legal solutions and advances his cases with the client’s best interests in mind. As a seasoned legal representative, Frank is committed to serving the South Florida region and fighting for the rights of his clientele in Palm Beach County, Broward County as well as Miami-Dade County.

Frank has traveled extensively inside the US as well as abroad.  In the United States, he has lived for long periods of time in Los Angeles, CA; Brooklyn & Queens, NY;  Miami, FL; Las Vegas, NV and of course West Palm Beach, FL.

Mr. Shayan believes that a true lawyer is one with a fighting spirit.  He believes that such a quality is essential in representing his clients and in fighting for their rights in the court of law.  He believes that this fighting spirit can be further cultivated and strengthened through training in the Martial Arts.  He is an avid lifetime martial artist and he continues his lifetime serious and dedicated study of various styles of Martial Arts.