Criminal law

Frank Shayan has extensive experience in handling and trying multiple thousands of cases in all various levels of Florida Criminal Courts. Whether your case is assigned to the Felony Courts, County Courts, Domestic Battery divisions or Juvenile Courts, Mr. Shayan is ready to take any and all cases involving Criminal Law.

What You Can Expect From The Shayan Law Firm:

When you hire Frank Shayan, you’ll be represented by a highly trained and experienced criminal defense attorney dedicated to protecting your rights and advancing your case in your favor. With a vast amount of experience since 2003 working in the criminal defense system, and having fought in a large number of Criminal Jury Trials as well as Criminal Bench Trials, trust in Frank Shayan as your effective and aggressive legal representative.

Being charged with a crime does not mean that you are guilty of it!Frank Shayan understands this and he will make sure that your Judge and Jury understand the same.

Criminal Law Cases:

The types of Criminal Law cases that Mr. Shayan is available to handle include but are not limited to the following list:

Animal Cruelty
Bond Hearings
BUI (Boating Under The Influence)
Child Abuse / Neglect
Criminal Mischief
Domestic Violence
Drug Crimes
DUI (Drunk Driving / Driving Under The Influence)
DUS (Driving On A Suspended License)
Felony Battery
Fraud / Bad Check Charges
Injunctions / Restraining Orders
Juvenile Delinquency Charges
Marijuana Charges
Probation Modification
Probation Termination
Probation Violations
Property Crimes
Record Sealing / Expungement
Repeated Offenses
Resisting An Officer
Sexual Crimes & Offenses
Theft Crimes / Shoplifting
Traffic Violations
Violent Crimes
Weapons Charges / Guns / Firearms
White Collar Crimes