Family Law

Family law encompases a wide range of legal matters involving family relationships, specifically marriage and children. Attorneys practicing Family Law commonly handle divorce, paternity, time-sharing (child custody), visitation rights, and child support. Family Law deals with children in regards to adoption, domestic violence, paternity, emancipation, or other legal matters not related to divorce.

If you or a loved one are currently facing family law issues, including but not limited to divorce, paternity, time-sharing (child custody or visitation rights), alimony (spousal support), or child support, The Shayan Law Firm is here to help.

Some of the ways an experienced Family Law attorney can assist you include:

-Resolve your family law issues without court participation
-Help you protect your individual rights and assets
-Advise with divorce, prepare and file your paperwork
-Negotiate with your spouse or your spouse’s attorney
-Explain family law rules for your state and your rights to spousal support
-Analyze the facts of your case to determine whether you should go to trial
-Advise with property settlements
-Should your case be set for a Final Hearing, or in other words a trial, to completely prepare for the trial and fight zealously for your rights and wishes in that trial.

How Can Frank Shayan Help?

When you hire Attorney Frank Shayan as your Family Law legal representative, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that a caring and dedicated attorney is on your side and is fighting for your rights. As an experienced Florida attorney, Frank Shayan will help you navigate through the overwhelming legal process step by step, and will be there with timely responses to all of your questions until the completion of your cause.

The types of Family Law cases that Mr. Shayan is available to handle include but are not limited to the following list:

Divorce / Dissolution Of Marriage:

Alimony / Spousal Support
Child Custody / Visitation
Child Support Payments
Collaborative Divorce
Equitable Distribution / Division of Marital Property and Debt / Marital Settlement Agreements
Hidden Assets & Fraud
High Conflict Divorce
High Net Worth Divorce
Parenting Plan
Temporary Orders
Time Sharing Agreements

Family Law:

Child Relocation
Contempt Of Court Hearings
Contested Adoptions
Dependency Actions
Domestic Violence & Injunctions
Enforcement of Court Orders
Enforcement Proceedings
Modifications of All Court Orders
Restraining Orders and Domestic Violence Injunctions
Temporary Custody